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We are an American-based small company in the pet industry, with businesses built with conscientious objective in mind through varies appropriate and ethically certified practices. We only adopt dogs from breeders that are ethical and with genuine care for the animal. We treat all puppies under our care like our own children and expect only the best condition for them. In this way, are we able to produce puppies of the highest qualities to you.
We have heard of establishment that breed puppy for sale and are typically on an intensive basis and in conditions regarded as inhumane. Such practices are known as puppy milling, where breeders try to maximize profits in the fastest way whilst providing a poor standard in the breeding facilities and living conditions to the dogs.
Moreover, there are reports and articles that deemed all American breeders practice puppy milling. I emphasize this is not entirely true for us. We, Maxim Bullies, are strongly against puppy milling. Rather than treating dogs like goods for maximized profiteering and out of contrary, we maintain our pups with organics products that opposite the practice of puppy mills. Ultimately, we aim to bring you the cutest and healthiest puppies to you !
Along with our affiliate hospital, we make an extra effort to keep all our puppies in the best health conditions. When you book with us, the puppy will be fully vaccinated to be ready to travel overseas. For your information, the required health checks include the vaccines for various genetic defects, parvovirus, coronavirus and dog distemper. As mentioned, we guarantee all our puppies are in the best conditions.
We only adopt puppies based on strict policies and standards. These include breeding pedigree dogs in a highly ethical manner and treating them with excellent conditions. This is to ensure the puppies are of the highest quality (in terms of appearance and health) and are free from any diseases. All our puppies and handling process are certified and enrolled under a recognized governing authorities This is our best guarantee and assurance to you.
We strive to provide the best health care and living facilities for our puppies. As we are very much aware, puppies at a young age are easily prone to diseases and illnesses. Thus, we have strict policies in providing the best living conditions in order to achieve this. For example, we only use eco-friendly and organic products and feeds. We also conduct periodic checkups on them only in selected reputable hospitals.
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